. Crews had already put Baumgartner in the balloon when the mission was aborted. "Today's launch has been aborted at 11:42 hrs MDT due to wind gusts making an attempt too risky," sa.

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cusation against his country was irresponsible, unilateral and arbitrary. The United States is going against the international law and does not have the morality to comment on the.

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rast, 32 percent Americans regarded the United States as the top world economic power, dropping from 2009's reading of 37 percent. Meanwhile, Japan ranks the distant third at 7 pe.

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man was in his twenties, and sat at the back of the plane. After he was apprehended, passengers around him were moved to the front part of the plane. All passengers were off the .

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months. The crane is the type of the SCC4000 crawler made by the Shanghai Sany group. Hao Heng, service manager of the Chilean branch of the Sany group, said the parts would be ass.

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sed the Obama administration's confidence in the healthcare insurance reform's prospects in surviving legal challenges, as a federal court ruled on Monday that the individual hea .

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ims the farmers were responsible for the police officer's death, and instead blaming delinquents for infiltrating the protesters' ranks. BOGOTA, March 14 (Xinhua) -- Colombian Pr.

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transport authorities as well as airlines. The committee will meet later Thursday to discuss the situation. The Argentine airports of Bariloche, Chapelco, Esquel, Trelew, Viedma,.

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elated deaths in the United States resulted in an estimated 41 billion U. S. dollars in medical and work loss costs in a year, according to state-based estimates released on Wedne.

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